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Le Morne Capital LTD is investment dealer (broker), which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). The FSC is the integrated regulator in Mauritius for the financial services sector.

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Driven Team

As a company focused on our clients’ success and privacy, we approach to our clients individually as to their specific requirements.

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Our ambition

We combine wide liquidity for many assets with the latest technology to empower ultra-fast and secure execution

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The latest technology

Climbing for the highest standards of services, Le Morne Capital LTD utilizes the technology of advanced and industry-valued providers.

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Regulatory compliance and integrity are Le Morne Capital LTD pillars. We believe in values that aim to adjust the company’s and our client’s concerns to reduce conflict of interest. We drive exclusively with institutional clients on a Prime of Prime model, offering low commission and spreads. We provide full assistance with 24/5 technical support.